Want to add Chem 100?

You can place yourself on up to 4 waitlists . This means you can sign up for 4 sections of Chem 100 or 1 section of 100 and 3 sections of another class that you want. We have no control over who gets in the class, no use asking us for special favors, we can't do anything. All our classes have maximized enrollment, when a spot opens up the next person on the list is automatically added.

Having said that there are several things to consider:

  1. Lab section enrollment determines lecture enrollment, you get in a lab, you are automatically in the accompanying lecture.
  2. You can only enroll in 4 classes from the waitlist, so choose carefully.
  3. The computer determines priority, not us.
  4. You will auto-enroll through the first week of classes, after that we will enroll students in open spots to keep the lab full.
  5. If you see an open spot and it fits your schedule, grab it.
  6. We can't switch a lab time for you, again, waitlist controls it.

Now the MOST important thing about waitlists

By putting a class on a waitlist you are telling the computer you would rather have that class than what you already have. It is NOT to be used as a "maybe I want this, think about it later" tool. If a spot opens in a class on your waitlist the computer will drop anything that conflicts in time and will drop other sections of the same class.

It is exceptionally important that you pay attention to the warnings given when signing up for classes on the waitlist as you can really mess up your schedule if you are not careful.

Example you want Chem 100- You get in (Yay!) but forgot to manage your waitlist since you added a conflicting in time Comm 103 class (boo!).. The computer will drop you from comm 103 and add chem 100 - because that is what you are telling the computer you want!

So manage the waitlist, pay attention to ALL emails the system sends to tell you that you are in a class, and make sure to check waitlist after each.

If you are waiting for the class make sure to attend all lectures and go to a lab each week. We are NOT responsible for knowing in which lab you did the work. If you can't remember you will get a zero. After you have done the lab the first time each week, you do not need to do it again for any other waitlisted sections.

We find people drop at the last minute, and we will continue to add students until the drop deadline.