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Gregory Kalyuzhny

Assistant Professor
Analytical and Nanomaterials Chemistry

Office: GMCS 213C,   Lab: CSL 402
Office Phone: 619-594-1596   Lab: 619-594-6196   Fax: 619-594-4634
e-mail: cpgregor at

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Research Interests

Our research interests lie at the interface of analytical and material chemistry and focus at the synthesis of semiconductor nanomaterials and their applications for building various electronic devices and sensors.

Possible applications of organic semiconductors such as low cost large screens, solar cells, electronic paper and disposable electronic circuits made these materials one of the most active areas of research during last fifteen years. Still at least 99.99% of electronics which we use today are based on inorganic materials. The main reason is low durability of organic semiconductors. One of the possible solutions to this problem is replacing some organic components with nanocrystals of semiconductors and metals (also known as quantum dots) which benefit both from high stability of inorganic materials and versatility of organic substances.

The main focus of our research is building various electronic devices based on nanocrystals of semiconductor and metals. Our more specific research interests include:

  • Synthesis of semiconducting nanomaterials with desired optoelectronic and chemical properties
  • Mechanism of ion and charge transport in thin films of organic semiconductors, nanomaterials and redox polymers; environmental effects on charge transfer for sensing applications
  • Mechanism of electroluminescence in devices based on semiconducting nanocrystals
The types of electronic devices include:


Selected Publications

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