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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry 100: Introduction to General Chemistry

Fall 2020


This is a temporary web page for CHEM 100 materials.

This is NOT the official CHEM 100 website. Go to SDSU Blackboard for the official CHEM 100 website that contains all the materials you will need throughout the entire semester. This temporary website was created for any student that currently does not have access to Blackboard. Go to Blackboard for all class notes, other documents and all pertinent information.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. When will I get in Chem 100?
    A: It all depends who drops each section. An AVERAGE of 2 people drop per section, some sections no one drops, some sections 6 people drop. It is better to be #1 on an 8 am lab waitlist than #10 on a 2 pm lab waitlist. As soon as someone drops, the next person can be added. If you are #1 on the waitlist and you see a spot open and it has been more than 12 hours, email and I will add you.
  2. But as long as I am on the waitlist I will eventually get in?
    A: Nope. If no one drops from a section, no one can be added. And you will still see your name on a wait list even after the add/drop period ends- that does not mean you still have a shot at getting in, only that the registrar does not zero out names.
  3. I am a graduating senior and I really need this class, can I have priority?
    A: The wait list takes units into account. You get a higher priority with more units. I have no way of changing that. But seriously- if you really need this class and you see a lab spot open at 8 am - TAKE IT! Everyone hates 8 am labs, but it is better than not getting a spot.

Accessing the Chem 100 textbook while on the wait list

If you are on the wait list for the CHEM 100 course and wish to receive access to the Introduction to General Chemistry eBook, please follow these instructions.



Please see the waitlisters FAQ.

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