Welcome Alumni, from the 1963 SDSU Chemistry Faculty!
1963 faculty photo Arne Wick Vincent Landis John Woodson Morey Ring William Richardson Robert Isensee Robert Rowe Lars Hellberg Dudley Robinson John Spangler Jim Malik Neil Harrington Earl Wadsworth Lionel Joseph Jack Stewart Walter Jones Clay Sharts Ted Abbott James Mathewson Harold Walba William Ware Edward Grubbs

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Alumni memories

Department Personnel through the Ages

An annotated list, in constant revision, of the faculty and staff in the department you may remember working with.

A Long Look Back

Former Chairman Dudley Robinson's 1973 authoritative history of the early years of the department.

In Memoriam – Lars H. Hellberg

Remembering Lars Hellberg, one of the department's longest-serving faculty members.

The Journey to SDSU's first Ph.D. Program

A Memoir by Jack Stewart, Professor emeritus

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dudley Robinson's account of the "early days." He taught a good freshman chem course.

I remember his great pitching arm. He could hit a dozing student in the back row with a piece of chalk with never a miss! How would that go over now?”

L. Wynston, B.S.'55

But some of you may be more familiar with members of the Department in 1995, shown below.

1996 faculty photo Massoud Ajami Margaret Ivey Jan Genovese Clay Sharts John Woodson Stephen Roeder Bill Stumph Morey Ring David Pullman Karen Peterson Maria Penalosa Dale Chatfield R. Somanathan Ken Long Joe Adams Stephen Dahms Diane Smith Dewitt Coffey John Fall Richard Lamoureux LeRoy Lafferty Pat Walsh Ed O'Neal Jack Stewart Ed Grubbs Lars Hellberg

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