CSL building, SDSU

Upcoming Events

Jan 29Dept. Seminar – Prof. Morgan Sammons, University at Albany, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Feb 05Dept. Seminar – Prof. Scott D. Hansen, University of Oregon, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Feb 26Dept. Seminar – Prof. Peter Zhang, Boston College, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Mar 05Dept. Seminar – Prof. Ryan Murelli, CUNY Brooklyn, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Mar 12Dept. Seminar – Prof. Francis Yoshimoto, University of Texas, San Antonio, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Mar 26Dept. Seminar – Prof. Yat Li, UC Santa Cruz, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Apr 02Dept. Seminar – Prof. Katharine White, University of Notre Dame, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Apr 09Dept. Seminar – Prof. Aldo Romero, West Virginia University, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Apr 16Dept. Seminar – Prof. Michael Young, University of Toledo, Zoom, 4:00 PM
Apr 30Dept. Seminar – Prof. Anjum Ansari, University of Illinois at Chicago, Virtual / Zoom, 4:00 PM


  • Please join the Department faculty in contributing to the Dr. Joi Weeks Endowed Scholarship to support African American students pursuing degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Congratulations to Prof. Greg Holland and coauthors on the publication of a new paper on spider prey-wrapping silk in Advanced Functional Materials, a prestigious materials science journal!