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Chemistry 410
Physical Chemistry

Last update for Chem 410B, Fall 2017

Class meetings:

  • lecture: MWF 12-12:50pm in GMCS-314
  • lab: Mon (Section 1), Wed (Section 2), Fri (Section 3) 2-4:40pm in GMCS-245


  • Andrew Cooksy
    CSL-310, 594-5571
    Office Hours: Mon, Wed 9:30am-10:30am; CSL-310.
    Example sessions: Mon 5-6pm, room CSL-508.


The materials will be available through Aztec Bookstore. Any format for the textbook is fine (print, e-book, or loose-leaf). You will also need access to the Mastering Chemistry online homework system, which comes bundled with the book at the bookstore. If you took CHEM 410A with me, you probably do not need to buy Mastering again for 410B. Before you buy a used copy of the book, check pricing on the online homework access. The publisher charges almost as much for the online homework access alone as for the bundle. You may want to check out the bookstore's price matching offer.

  • CHEM 410A Textbook: Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Interactions by Cooksy
  • CHEM 410A Lab manual: Chem 410A Laboratory Projects Manual
  • CHEM 410B Textbook: Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Statistical Mechanics by Cooksy

Corrections to the textbook

2 63 above Eq. 2.1 quantization is measurable when domain becomes COMPARABLE TO de Broglie wavelength (not "much greater than")
3 99 Eq. 3.8 delete extra factor of "s" and add subscript "s" in first expression: integrand should be "probs(s) ds" instead of "prob(s) s ds"
3 129 above Eq 3.62 factor of 2 pi kB3 T3 in denominator should be 23 pi kB3 T3 (in other words, cube the 2)
13 471 Eq. 13.40 insert minus sign in exponential; to get "e-kt"

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