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  • Congratulations to 2014 SRS awardees Anna Cholewczynski of the Bergdahl lab and Jerry Soriano of the Cooksy lab! Anna Cholewczynski received an Undergraduate Research Excellence Award for her presentation, while Jerry Soriano received a President's Award and will represent SDSU Chemistry at a CSU-wide symposium in May.
  • Check out the new job/internship offerings recently listed on our jobs page.

Upcoming Events

Apr 18Dept. Seminar – Prof. Travis Williams, University of Southern California, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Apr 18Grad. Seminar – Amir Zargar Yaghoubi, SDSU, GMCS-306, 1:00 PM
Apr 18Grad. Seminar – Marta Zepeda, SDSU, GMCS-306, 2:00 PM
Apr 25Dept. Seminar – Prof. Thomas Hermann, University of California, San Diego, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Apr 25Grad. Seminar – Melinda Pope, SDSU, GMCS-306, 2:00 PM
Apr 25Grad. Seminar – An Pham, SDSU, GMCS-306, 1:00 PM

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Department Contacts

Department Chair: William G. Tong
Undergraduate Advisor: David Pullman
Graduate Advisor: Thomas Cole
Graduate Admissions: Douglas Grotjahn

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