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  • Please congratulate our finalists for the 1st annual SDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry graduate research awards: Andrew Dinh, Sean Maddox, and Ryan Noorbehesht (all of the Gustafson lab), Jayneil Kamdar and Erik Paulson (both of the Grotjahn lab), and Pierre Winter (Cooksy lab). Paulson and Winter took the top honors following an outstanding series of presentations.
  • Congratulations to Prof. Greg Holland, recipient of a National Academy of Sciences Kavli Fellowship! Fewer than 100 Kavli Fellowships are awarded each year to young scientists in a wide range of fields. Prof. Holland will travel to Indonesia to present his research on the formation and structure of spider silk.

Upcoming Events

Sep 02Dept. Seminar – Russ Algar, University of British Columbia, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 05 Labor Day (campus closed)
Sep 09Dept. Seminar – Prof. Chris Vanderwal, University of California, Irvine, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 16Dept. Seminar – Prof. D. Michael Heinekey, University of Washington, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 23Dept. Seminar – Prof. Louis Noodleman, Scripps Research Institute, GMCS-301, 4:00 PM
Sep 26 University grants Program deadline

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Department Contacts

Department Chair: William G. Tong
Undergraduate Advisor: David Pullman
Graduate Advisor: Thomas Cole
Graduate Admissions: Douglas Grotjahn

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